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Ready to serve!

National Elite Mrs. 2023


Unity In Community

Being a titleholder provides an opportunity to educate, empower and encourage bringing Unity in Community.

As a Community Ambassador, it is my pleasure and passion to promote Unity in the Community and serve our non-profits. 

As a published Author, Professional Speaker, Certified Life Coach, and Vice President of Human Resources, I encourage others to pursue their dreams so I better be leading the way! 

I believe when we embrace others + serve others that leads to = unity in community and that's exactly what we need right now. 

Let's work together to meet the needs of our community! Join me in the impact as a community member or a business supporter. See below for direct links to the non-profits I am currently partnered with and serving.

Please email me directly at if you are a business and interested in a partnership. 


I look forward to building unity in community with you!


National Elite Mrs. 2023

Mrs. Texas 2023

Jennifer Daly


Jennifer being crowned  National Elite Mrs at the National Elite Miss Pageant, July 23, 2023

My why - 

Over the last couple of years, I have seen differences dividing our communities. We make stronger teams when we embrace each others' uniquenesses. This is my heart and my why behind writing Zoey the Zebra Meets Lexi the Lion.  Being able to read my book across our country and encourage children to embrace others is my calling and purpose in this season.

Creating "Unity in Community" takes action. I believe it is a two-fold mission: 

embrace + serve = unity in community.

Getting out and serving the needs of our community has always been important to me. I encourage you to see how you can serve others in your community today! 

Here are some wonderful non-profits that I volunteer for and have the privilege of serving alongside. Please check them out and see how you can help.

Meet "Team Daly". My husband, Daniel is the most supportive person you could ask for by your side. He is my biggest cheerleader.


My daughters Zoey and Lexi are the drive behind my children's book and two of my biggest blessings in life. If I want them to pursue their passions, serve those around them and leave a legacy of love behind them, I better show them how with my actions. 

Together, Lexi and I entered the National Elite Miss Texas State Pageant. We knew there was only a slim chance we could both come out winning our divisions but we practiced together, worked hard, and served our community together. Cheering each other on all weekend filled my heart and there may have been some tears when this Momma watched her baby receive a crown. Little did we know, mine was coming too. We are beyond thankful that the Lord has chosen this time and season for us to run this race together. 

Embrace + Serve = Unity in Community IN ACTION:

Read Across America 9.jpg
Read Across America 5.jpg
Read Across America 6.jpg

Pictured above and to the side; Jennifer reading her book, Zoey the Zebra Meets Lexi the Lion, to O'Dell Elementary students during Read Across America Week.

Jennifer engages and challenges kids to find a friend that looks different than them and see what they can learn from one another.

Front Cover - final Image.png

Being National Elite Mrs. is a privilege and I am thankful for the opportunity.

Whenever I mention being in a pageant, I always feel the need to explain. There seems to be a stigma to it; that it's all about beauty, glitz and glam. Friend, that's not true.

Because of pageants, my girls are both able to carry on full conversations confidently, with adults. They have both learned what it means to serve our community.


They can both stand in front of any crowd and speak.

It's learning life-long skills.

It's serving.

It's giving a voice to those who need someone in their corner.

It's making life-long friends.


Pageantry is so much more.


As a speaker, author and life coach for Moms, I encourage women to face their fears and live the life that God has called them to live. Pageantry is a way for me to walk the talk. It's a way for me to face fears of rejection and place my confidence in knowing to Whom I belong, and that I am worthy.


The crown is not the symbol of the best but of facing fears and conquering a dream God has put in my heart.

What crown are you seeking? What fears are you facing? How are you pursing God's plan in this season?

You are enough. You are worthy. You have purpose.


Jennifer being interviewed on TV about Zoey the Zebra Meets Lexi the Lion when she was Mrs. Texas International, 2022

Pictured below: Jennifer after she who Mrs. Texas, National Elite Miss. Also pictured, is Jennifer answering the onstage question at the National Elite Miss, Texas State pageant.


Jennifer loves connecting with kids of all ages. Shown here, Jennifer reading her children's book, Zoey the Zebra Meets Lexi the Lion to Kindergarteners at an Elementary school in Plano, TX, and a Preschool in Wylie, TX. 

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