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Calming the Chaos

Last Monday on my "Mom-Couragement Monday" I talked about "Calming the Chaos". 2020 has been a calendar of chaos, hasn't it?!

BUT...there is an answer.

If we can remember three key things, His peace that passes all understanding, will help us calm our hearts, in the midst of chaos.

1) Praise the Lord the pressure is off of us! We can't control most things. We can only control our attitudes and actions. So let's give up trying to control everything and relax knowing HE is in control!

2) Pray always. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 is one simple verse, "Pray without ceasing" That's it. It's really that simple. By talking to God throughout our day, it keeps our hearts calm and focused on what is truly important.

3) Promises. Remember HIS promises never fail! Friend, you may be going through the valley right now but He has promised you will have everything you need, you are loved and you have great purpose. Don't give up on those dreams, He will never give up on you!

As you dive into the holiday season and your world seems to spin faster, just remember, He is the only one who can calm your chaos. Run to Him, run to peace.

Cheering for you, Jennifer

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