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Mom Wins in a Box (90 days)

Mom Wins in a Box (90 days)


Mom Wins in a Box (90 days of purpose, parenting, and progress)


Hey mama friend,

We know you are your families biggest cheerleader and can be found on any given day cheering on your kids good grades, slipping an encouraging note in a lunch box and doing your own rendition of the potty dance. Yet, our guess is like most of us, no one is cheering you on and you struggle to find personal fulfillment apart from your regular mom-life and duties.​

The stats are alarming...

  • 26% of Stay-at-Home Moms say they experience depression

  • Only 33% of Americans say they are happy

  • Moms report spending 18 hours a week on household chores

  • 70% of mothers with children under 18 are in the labor force

  • 66% of American adults say they don't have a work-life balance

We want to change all that.


We know that your personal wins and life goals are a big deal and we want to help you reach your goals, so we created Mom Wins in a Box.

This digital box of goodies has all that you need to simply and strategically identify, crush and celebrate your goals and priorities in the next 90 days. 

As multifaceted mamas, we know that overwhelm is a very real thing. We couldn't think of a better theme to start with than peace. So this first box is focused on helping you have 90 days full of peaceful purpose, parenting, relationships and progress.

Mom Wins in a Box is a digital toolbox designed to help you clarify your goals, check-off your to-do list and celebrate the wins you finally make towards the dreams and desires that God has put on your heart. This simple and strategic 90 day system includes:

  • 12 weeks of weekly devotionals including:

    • 4 weeks of Parenting with Peace​

    • 4 weeks of Peace in your Purpose

    • 4 weeks of Peaceful Relationships

  • 90 day Goal Planner​

  • 13 week Priorities Calendar-at-a-Glance

  • Weekly Wins Tracker

  • Couples Conversation Starters

  • Conversation Starters for Kids

  • Frameable Key Verses

  • Mom Wins Celebrations Coupons

Bonus: Peaceful Praise + Worship Playlist

That's 90 days of peace + progress for just $14 a month!


Peace is priceless!


Mom Wins in a Box is created by besties Jennifer Daly and Tiffany Jo Baker, whose heart is to help mamas do all they were called and created to do!  We recommend you grab your favorite binder, print out the goodies and start prioritizing your peace and progress now!  After purchase, be on the look-out for more tips, tools and our favorite freebie resources from Jennifer and Tiffany in your inbox.

  • Downloading Your Mom Wins in a Box

    *You will receive your digital Mom Wins in a Box for download after purchase in your Thank You page as well as via email.

  • Terms

    *Resources not to be reproduced or shared without permission of Cheering on Moms*

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