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Do Your Business

This is Duke, my favorite hairy son. ❤️

God used him to show me something this week. You see, Duke goes outside to do his business but there's a female neighbor dog who wants to eat him for lunch. 😕 She sounds like she is coming through the fence. We love our neighbors, all of them. Their dog is just...being a normal dog. It's okay that a female is trying to knock her fence down to get to my boy. I understand. 😂

But Duke... has learned over time to just go out and do his business. He pays her NO attention.

It hit me. 🎯 I need to be more like Duke!

I just need to go and do my business. Focus on the task God has called me to do and ignore the voices of distraction. 💯

God has a purpose and a plan for you. Just GO and DO Your Business! 🥳

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