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Unity In Community

Embrace + Serve =


Are you longing for connection and community? 

Are you tired of the differences dividing us?

Join the movement to bring global Unity in Community! 

We make progress and make stronger teams when we realize our differences make us better together!

When we invest in others by serving through local non-profits, we become part of the solution. 

My mission as Mrs. Texas International is to educate and equip communities with tools to bring more Unity to your Community!

Be part of the solution! 
Check out the free download for practical solutions on how you can bring Unity to your Community.

Let's EMBRACE others with differences!


Invite Jennifer to read her children's book to your school, preschool or zoom group!

Embrace =

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Front Cover - final Image.png

Serve =

Serving in our local communities with non-profits empowers us and stirs our hearts for others! 

I'm proud to Partner with MOPS International; a non-profit dedicated to bringing Moms together from all over the globe to create connection and community service projects!

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